Savannah Piper

The Boom Boom Room

Nothing Compares




Banana sherbet


40ml Maker’s Mark

10ml Maker’s 46

50ml Caramelised yoghurt

15ml Lemon juice

20ml Banana skin oleo saccharum

1 square block Coconut water ice cube


Milk clarification – Best in larger quantities for clear results. Add all ingredients except for the caramelised yoghurt into a measuring jug. Add measured yoghurt to a separate container. Pour the mix into the yoghurt (NOT the other way around), and watch the magic happen. Cover and leave for 30 mins to ensure adequate separation. Strain through 2.5 arm’s length of muslin cloth doubled over, in a sieve. Bottle and keep chilled for service.

Banana Oleo – Ratio 1:1 by weight – weigh 3 ripe banana skins and add equal weight in sugar. Vac seal in a bag and leave at room temperature for 48 hours. Strain out sediment and skin so only liquid remains.

Banana Sherbet - chop the remaining banana flesh into small slices and dehydrate until crispy and dry. Blitz in a coffee grinder with 10g demerara sugar and 7g citric acid. If the mix is a bit oily add icing sugar for a dusty finish.

Caramelised Yoghurt – 700g full fat Greek yoghurt: 700g castor sugar. Vac seal and sous vide at 85 degrees Celsius for 20 hours. Take bag out of sous vide at half way point to ensure movement throughout the bag. Try not to eat the tangy caramel delicious after removing from bag.

Coconut water ice – in a square ice mould add coconut water. Cover with cling film and freeze until solid.


A larrikin. A mischievous person; an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person. My toast this year is to our very own Brisbane larrikin, Joseph Chisholm. Some say I've done well to tolerate him for this long but truly he is my mentor. As much as he drives me crazy with his ferments and milk clarifications, to work every day with my biggest supporter and second harshest critic is an honour. He encourages me, picks me up at my worst and pushes me to do my best. Laughing loudest in the room usually at his own expense, his vibrancy and creativity behind the bar is second to none, unlike his cocktail competition history. It's true when they sing, there's only one Joey Chisholm.


Cocktail History Trivia Night


This year I'll be hosting a cocktail history trivia night on 5th February at Blackbird, our sister venue, while Boom Boom Room is closed for refurbishment. My toast to this year is to Brisbane bartender Joseph Chisholm, and with a milk punch in hand in celebration of World Bartender Day this year I'd like to use our best tool behind the bar, our brains, in a battle of wits.