Savannah Williams-Piper

The Boom Boom Room



Stemless wine glass


Dehydrated pineapple flower, pineapple leaves


50ml Canadian Club 1858

100ml pineapple and ginger tepache

2 scoops (100ml) house lime sorbet

30ml water


Tepaché, sorbet and most importantly Canadian Club are added to a set of tins, given a quick shake to chill then poured over block ice. Garnish with a pineapple flowers and fronds.


After a busy prep shift on a mid-week afternoon, I looked around the bar and thought about what I could I use to create a tasty, zero-waste cocktail and found pineapple skin, excess pickled ginger and lime husks. Pineapples and limes remind me of a beautiful, lush tropical environment – think of your ideal beach holiday landscape with a cocktail in hand. Coming from Central Queensland with beaches everywhere, I was reminded of a favourite lounging drink of my sister in-law, Canadian club and dry. So with these two ideas in mind I created Lozano, a word that in Spanish means “lush”. From the pineapple skins and ginger I made a fizzy tepache ferment and from the lime husks I made an oleo-saccharum which I then made into a lime sorbet. Inspired by an Italian style Sgroppino with a creamy mouth-feel, and a crisp refreshing finish.


Cheeky Tiki Sunday

The Boom Boom Room

As part of the celebration surrounding World Bartender Day, myself and the team at our sister venue Byblos will be holding a Cheeky Tiki Sunday on the 24th of February with specials from 3pm until 7pm. Hula skirts encouraged.

Available will be a range of Tiki classics as well as my cocktail "Lozano" and Joey Chisholm's "Yasi's Mark" for the Blend 2019. You can also get these tasty beverages at The Boom Boom Room from the 10th - 24th of February.