Tristan Robins

Savile Row

Past Inspiration




Blackened Lemon


50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

17ml Cocchi Americano

21ml Oat Milk

100ml Botanical Lemonade


Built / Clarified Milk Punch


This drink is a milk punch, and is a celebration of a British classic, the Gin and Tonic. It is a toast to the centuries of history behind this beloved drink, and the classic methods of gin creation and consumption, imperative also to the story of Sipsmith Dry Gin.

While Gin in recent years has been on a journey of expansion across the globe, with lots of “new world” styles, botanical profiles and flavours, we cannot forget those who paved the way to allow the current renaissance of Gin, and their classic ways of distillation and production. The founders of Sipsmith shared this philosophy and decided they would only make a Gin the historic way. They stood for this so strongly that they were the first London distillers to be granted a licence for a copper still in almost 200 years, thus creating their own piece of history. These stills, combined with a classic botanical composition and small batch “one-shot” distillation method are a toast to the old ways of making gin, showing how fantastic quality and simplicity can breed complexity, just like the finest Gin and Tonic. The following reads from the Sipsmith website and perfectly encapsulates my reason for choosing this fine spirit and toasting to celebrate this ever-popular serve: “The Gin and Tonic is one of Britain’s favourite drinks and also one of the simplest. Just four ingredients make for sipping perfection.”

Thus, I have created a milk punch to showcase the 4 major ingredients for my celebration of the classic Gin and Tonic, and history behind this spirit. It of course, begins with a whole 700ml Bottle of Sipsmith Dry Gin.

Next is an aperitif, Cocchi Americano. It is laced with Quinine, an essential ingredient in the gin and tonic, for bitterness, body, and originally used centuries ago by British sailors to prevent Malaria. It is however a potentially hazardous ingredient thus I have used this professionally made aperitif rather than attempt to use it myself. 240ml of this goes into the punch.

One of the greatest assets of Sipsmith Gin is the phenomenal texture that can only come from distillation through traditional copper pot stills. To celebrate this, I have washed the main components of this drink with 300ml of oat milk, heated in a copper cooking pot, which not only creates wonderful texture, but also brings forward a lovely silky cereal note, inspired by that which I also find in the wheat spirit that is Sipsmith.

I use citrus to encourage the curdling of the oat milk as citrus is also part of the Gin and Tonic history. These sailors would use citrus to allay scurvy while on their voyages across the seas, and is integral to the flavour of a classic G and T.

170ml of 2-1 Sugar syrup gives body, acts as a flavour carrier and lengthens the drink.

As Quinine can be dangerous to use in drinks without proper training, I have opted to create my own “Botanical Lemonade” in place of the usual homemade Tonic, while still maintaining all of the finest attributes of this mixer and building upon the botanical makeup and “one-shot” method of Sipsmith Dry Gin in a completely safe way. It contains 5g Cinnamon bark, 2.5g coriander seeds, 2.5g juniper berries and 5g citrus peels, all of which are found in Sipsmith Dry Gin. This is placed under a vacuum seal with 1L filtered water, 200g sugar, 10g of Malic and 5g citric acid, then Sous-vide to infuse the flavours. It is then rested and macerates for a minimum of 15 hours, just like Sipsmith do with their botanicals for their one shot distillation. This still Lemonade is then charged into a Cornelius keg and carbonated, before being bottled in a fermentation-grade glass bottle, ready to pour.

I have used blackened Lemon as garnish to highlight the beautiful citrus notes of Sipsmith gin, with the lovely bittersweet flavours from high heat exposure and Maillard reaction. I wanted to utilise a chemical reaction in some way as a nod to the traditional use of copper stills to create the chemical reaction that draws out impurities of a spirit.

The final spec is a 60ml pour of the punch, topped up with 100ml of Botanical Lemonade.

Sipsmith Dry Gin, Quinine Aperitif, Oat Milk, Botanical Lemonade. These are my 4 ingredients used in complex way to create a simple, sippable drink, highlighting the hero spirit of Sipsmith Gin.


Classic Gin Cocktail Class

Savile Row

In February, Tristan Robins will be hosting a Classic Gin Cocktail Class using Sipsmith. Tickets will be available to the public, of which the proceeds for Will go to Share the Dignity helping women in crisis.

Tentative date: 16th February.