Tristan Robins

Savile Row

Rising Tide




Coriander leaf, Vanilla Bean Straw and "recycled Corn Chip" made from re-using corn Ferment pulp


45ml Jim Beam Double Oak

15ml Oxidised Red Wine

20ml Lemon / Vanilla Curd

30ml Charred Corn Ferment




"A rising tide lifts all boats” is an aphorism initially used in the context of macroeconomic policy to emphasise theories regarding general and individual finances and their impacts on each other. Of course we aren’t here for financial discussion, so in this context I am using it to describe the push toward sustainability and minimal waste practices for bars and cocktails.

“Rising tide,” refers in this case to everyone working on their own actions to lift all attitudes and perspective on sustainability. Jim Beam Double Oak as the hero for this cocktail was a no-brainer for me. The company is making great leaps towards sustainability such as 50% water reuse and diverting large percentages of waste from landfill. The bold notes of vanilla and oak from the hero spirit are backed up by some slightly oxidised red wine; for body and mild acidity, a lemon and vanilla curd which employs recycling commonly discarded bar items of lemons and egg yolks to bring some texture, and a charred corn fermentation for added complexity, creaminess and funk.

This also tied my cocktail back to the history of Jim Beam, corn’s imperative use to create all bourbon whiskey, and the beloved southern United States cuisine and culture, where Jim Beam calls home.


Cocktails for a Cause

Saville Row

Savile Row will be promoting my Perfect Blend cocktail through WBD. I have agreed with the venue that the drink will be sold at a discount price of $18 with logo, and drink available for purchase with an obvious “menu insert.” Along with this we will advertise this as an event on social media where $1 from every one of my cocktails sold will be given to OzHarvest charity. Seeing as my cocktail revolves around minimum waste and sustainability I found it fitting to use this as a platform for people to continue doing something good for those in need by donating to a company thats mission is to save and redistribute useable food people have wasted.