Zoltan Ognyenovits

The Gresham

Magyar (Hungarian)


Long-stemmed spirit glass


Bosc pear spent oil atomisation


40ml Sipsmith London Dry

15ml Sipsmith VJOP Bosc pear “absolute” enfleurage

30ml acidulated furmint wine reduction

10ml Walnut rested native Hungarian aperitif


Bosc Pear "Absolute" Enfleurage – apply a thin layer of duck fat onto a ceramic plate and place cored and sliced pears onto plate. Cover with cheese cloth and place in warm and dark place. After 24 hours replace spent pears. Repeat nine times. Once pomade is collected. Macerate into Sipsmith VJOP to create absolute. Filter and keep oils for garnish. Accidulated Furmint Wine Reduction– reduce furmint (dry native Hungarian wine) to half to increase residual sugar. Balance with tartaric and malic acid solution of 1:100. WALNUT RESTED NATIVE HUNGARIAN APERITIF– crush 200 grams of walnuts into 100 ml of “Unicum-Next”. Rest for one week. Strain through cheese cloth or coffee filter.


Magyar (Hungarian) raises a toast to a creative, diverse and unique culture. A drink showcasing celebrated produce and techniques cultivated by the people of Hungary for generations. Magyar is the epitome of what makes Hungary truly special to those that have had the pleasure to be immersed in what it is to be Hungarian.

Even after visiting once or returning after many years it is a home away from home for many, with unique aromas and flavours, Magyar is an homage to those experiences, and raises a toast to those lucky enough to have experienced it.


Aperitivo Hour

The Gresham

Zoltan’s event for the Magyar this year will be an Aperitivo hour takeover of the backroom at the Gresham from 4pm on February 21st.

The Magyar will be sold and samples exclusively for 2 hours between 4pm and 6pm and will be complimented with tradition Hungarian snacks for an Aperitivo pairing to celebrate the style of the cocktail and my Hungarian heritage.