Adam Hingston

Maybe Mae

Kith and Kin


Ceramic Cup


Fig Leaf


45ml Maker’s Mark

15ml Fig leaf infused Maderia

30ml Acidulated apple juice

15ml Lacto fermented almond and coconut orgeat




Kith & Kin is a toast to friends that become family. Kith & Kin is a Germanic phrase meaning friends & family. Everyone has had an experience of a friend or group of friends that become like family to you. Mine is my colleagues, this drink is a toast to them. A toast to those I love dearly, while celebrating all that we have learnt and accomplished together.

Maker's Mark was an easy choice for my hero spirit; simple, elegant and delicious. The use of red winter wheat in the mash bill instead of rye makes an excellent back bone of any drink, but especially for drinks with subtle flavour and undertones. But bourbon is also our spirit of choice in the bar, whether it's to pick each other up or to toast to our successes. A simple shot of bourbon is the way we welcome new friends into our bar family.

We also love fortified wines, especially dryer styles. I decided upon a Madeira that has been infused with fig leaf via sous vide. This increases the dried fruit character profile but it also allows for a strong fig flavour without the use of fresh figs- that way we aren’t restrained by seasonality.

Apples are a staple of the bar I work in. Using clarified apple juice as the acid component of the drink allows for a softer acid profile while highlighting the orchard fruit notes found in Maker's Mark.

The sweetener for my drink is a lacto fermented coconut and almond orgeat. We have a keen focus on lacto ferments in our bar due to the interesting texture it can add to our drinks. This lacto ferment helps bring out the natural vanilla and coconut notes in Maker's Mark, whilst adding texture and a robust flavour through the fermentation process.

Menu Launch Party

Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae will be hosting an event on 10th February, which will see the official launch of their cocktails in venue for the promotion. All three bartenders from Maybe Mae will be behind the stick/on the floor slinging drinks and talking about their cocktails; why they chose the products that they did and the inspirations behind them.

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