Chad Hanson

Electra House Hotel

Making my mark


Re-used Maker's Mark wax-dipped highball


Dehydrated pineapple chip


45ml Maker's Mark

75ml pineapple ferment

10ml clarified pineapple juice

15ml Lime Stuice


Build all ingredients over cubed ice. Serve on edible bitter lime coaster with metal straw


Having recently won ""Best Green Business"" and ""Energy Efficiency and Environmental Practice"" awards in 2018, it's evident that environmental consciousness and sustainability are truely at heart within our business and its day to day practices. To have the opportunity to showcase this within a national cocktail competition which is striving to educate people about the small changes we can make to protect our futures, is truely humbling and too good to miss!

Like every good cocktail, we have top start with a hero ingredient, mine being Maker's Mark Bourbon. Personally, Bourbon has always my choice of spirit and one I've never previously worked with in a competition so, I was particularly excited!

Lets start with the flavour inspiration - rather than focusing on the primary and 'common' bourbon traits such as caramel, vanilla and oak I wanted to explore further what the noted ""fruity essences"" within Maker's Mark were and build on them from there. Through my research and my own palate I ascertained that banana, banana skins and strawberries were the main fruity flavours present, so to build on and compliment them I decided to make a Pineapple Tapache of sorts which will be mixed with lime stuice for acid and a little clarified pineapple juice for sweetness. It was important to me that I use no refined sugars to add sweetness within this particular drink.

Minimal waste - 2 primary fruits, using every part of each fruit within the one drink.

Pineapple leaf has been steeped in Maker's Mark for 12 hours to add tannin. Juice has been clarified. Juice and skins have been fermented to create a tapache of sorts. Pineapple chips have been dehydrated for garnish.

Limes have been juiced. Husks have been boiled to extract oils and make lime stock. Husks have been pureed and dehydrated to make edible bitter coasters.

Recipes for unique ingredients:

Skins of 2 pineapples Juice of 1.5 large ripe pineapples 10 sliced strawberries 250ml rice malt syrup 1 thumb of ginger sliced 10g blanched almonds 20 szechuan peppers 10 cloves 4 cinnamon sticks 1L luke warm water 4g Premier Cru Wit Beer Yeast


Add all ingredients into a 5L open lid container. Cover with tea towel and allow to ferment for 48 hours. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth and reserve in sealable plastic bottles before storing in the fridge. The liquid will continue to ferment for a while yet and slightly carbonate the beverage. Keep an eye out for over carbonation and release some gas where necessary. *wit beer yeast was chosen specifically to impart banana esters into the final drink.

Lime Stuice

Combine equal parts lime juice and lime stock (as per Trash Tiki specs)

Edible lime coaster

Take spent husks from making lime stock, puree in a food processor with as little added water as needed, to create a smooth, lump free consistency. Add roughly 10% rice malt syrup per volume of lime puree and combine. Pour puree onto grease proof paper and spread to about a 1mm thickness. Place sheet in a dehydrator and dehydrate until the sheet can be peeled away from the grease proof paper. Cut to appropriate size and shape for a coaster.

In House Promotion

Electra House

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