Hollee McKinnon

Bar Torino

Miss McGolly


Double Manhattan


Basil Head


50ml Maker's Mark

10ml Peach Fat Washed Auchentoshan 12 Yr

15ml Caramelised Peach Oleo

1 Spray HAKU Vodka Basil Tincture

1 dash Angostura Bitters


Built and stirred down


A toast to the woman who taught me to cook. Family is not always blood, and I’m so grateful for what this wonderful woman has taught me.

“Select good ingredients and you can keep it simple.”

The many lessons spent in the kitchen on “building it up”, using the strengths of the ingredients you’re working with, played an integral role in the creation of this drink. A big toast to you Auntie Cheryl, thanks for this one.

This is America

Bar Torino

Hollee + Hamish will be working together to host a night of cocktails! Focusing on gin and bourbon the pair will serve up their signature The Perfect Blend cocktail; “Miss McGolly” by Hollee and “Hibiscus for Heather” by Hamish; as well as Hamish’s perfect serve Jim Beam Rye + Ginger and Hollee’s favourite Maker’s Mark Whiskey Highball. The pair will chat through the inspiration behind their Perfect Blend cocktails and have a chat about the ins and outs of Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam Rye. Chef Seb will also be serving up some charcuterie to compliment the flavours of our host’s cocktails.

Tickets are $25

Limited spaces available! Tickets reserved by phoning the bar.