Jaime Fraser

NOLA Craft Beer & Whiskey

Tokaido Main line




Orange rind, 2 cherries, orange sherbet


30ml Yamazaki Distiller Reserve

10ml Non perishable Laphroaig Quarter Cask

10ml Non perishable Knob Creek Rye

10ml perishable Ruby port

7.5ml Homemade vanilla syrup

3 drops of Homemade chocolate bitters




I had my first decent Manhattan in a bar in Edinburgh in 2008, my obsession with whisky grew and my life changed forever. The skill, technique and precision with which the bartender executed the drink facinated me. The epiphany I had at that point made me want to travel and learn, to take my career to the next level. It has taken me from a small highland town to the other side of the world - camping on Islay to a hostel in Osaka, a share house in Sydney and finally to an amazing whisky bar in Adelaide.

My drink is named after the train line which carried me to Yamazaki distillery a day I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. I have incorporated the flavours of that first amazing Manhattan and added elements that remind me of, not only where I come from, but where I've been and hope to go.


Whiskey Tasting


The Tokaido Mainline is available from now until the end of March @ NOLA Adelaide for $30.

On World Bartender Day I will be hosting a one hour whiskey tasting, including the 3 whiskies in The Tokaido Mainline (Yamazaki Distillers Reserve, Knob Creek Rye, Laphroaig  Quarter Cask) followed by a sample size version of the cocktail. Each whiskey will be accompanied by a flavoured chocolate that reflects the flavour represented by that whiskey in the cocktail. All inclusive $50, 3pm, Sunday 24th February.