Jin Maekawa

Bar Torino

The Guardian of Lost Souls




Star anise and samphire


60ml Bowmore No. 1

30ml Salted and spiced pear oleo

17ml Perry vinegar

90ml Samphire soda


Shaken and topped with samphire soda


A toast to the one who introduced me to the quenching world of cocktails, Kayla Grigoriou. A bar manager, a distiller, a cocktail Queen, and an overall badass, Kayla embodies the industry standard and beyond. Named after Mushu from Mulan, one of Kayla's favourite Disney movies, this highball riff showcases the sweetness and spices of Bowmore No. 1 while giving the Islay peat some length and freshness.

Bowmore No. 1 was an easy choice when selecting the hero spirit. Whisk(e)y is a favourite, especially ones from Islay distilleries. It was also befitting given that one of the master blenders of Bowmore is the world's first female master blender, Rachel Barrie; someone Kayla sees as an inspiration.

To bring forth the essential flavours of Bowmore No. 1, pears were used as the base fruit. Some were fermented and blended into a vinegar to make a perry vinegar as the acid component to balance the smokiness of Islay peat. The rest of the pears were made into an oleo with a pinch of salt to bring in the salty air of Islay and some star anise/cloves/cinnamon to accent the spice profile of Bowmore No. 1.

The ingredients are shaken and fine strained into a collins glass, iced, and topped with a samphire infused soda. Garnished with star anise and samphire.


Fermentation Masterclass

Bar Torino

Delve into the world of fermentation with Jin! This hands-on, interactive class is suitable for all levels of experience and will last approximately 2 hours.

Guests will learn about and make several different types of ferments to take away with them. They will also enjoy “The Guardian of Lost Souls” – Jin’s The Perfect Blend cocktail as well as snacks from the Bar Torino kitchen!

Tickets are $20

Limited spaces available!