Josh Mack

Hains & Co

The Sustainability Club


Crystal sherry


Raspberry sherbert/ candied bitter lemon strap


40ml Sipsmith London Dry

15ml Maker's Mark

20ml raspberry syrup

4 drops of coriander bitters

22.5ml lemon juice

30ml egg white


Double shake/double strain.

Candied bitter lemon strap. I made an edible lemon strap using the leftovers of the lemon.. I first microplaned the zest and pith of a whole lemon.. Used 22.5ml of the lemon juice in the cocktail and the other remaining 7.5ml in the zest and pith mix.
Then add 10ml sugar syrup 1:1 to the mix... place on baking paper in the dehydrator for 4hours on high heat. Remove and cut into strips.

Raspberry syrup and sherbert using egg leftover egg shells.
First I blended 200g of fresh raspberries with 60ml of sugar syrup 1:1.
Strain though fine tea strainer and with the leftover over pulp.. place on baking paper to dehydrate for 6hours on high.
Then mix one teaspoon of citric acid/one teaspoon of bi-carbonate soda/two teaspoon ms of fine sugar and blend with dehydrated raspberry pulp and egg shell leftover.


This year for The Perfect Blend, I have chosen to follow the path of minimum waste with maximum taste.

I am very passionate about sustainability in bars and life as we as everyday people are becoming more aware of how much we can all impact the future. If we all start doing our part to be sustainable and make a big push to ditch straws and create communal composts.. all these practises can help greatly.

For this competition I have chosen to go with the classic Philadelphia 1897 cocktail 'The Clover Club' and given it a modern sustainable twist.. I had a lot of fun experimenting with how I can use every single part of my ingredients.. I chose to split the gin and bourbon to add some richness and viscosity.

I then added coriander bitters to compliment the Sipsmith Gin characteristics that shine. I created a raspberry sherbert which incorporated the use of the egg shells.. and also created a candied lemon strap to utilise all parts of the lemon. I really wanted to have fun with this drink by putting a positive and creative spin on sustainability and I hope this helps give inspiration for other bars in the future.

I hope you enjoy my cocktail 'The Sustainability Club'.

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