Kayla Grigoriou

Bar Torino



Nick and Nora




45ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

10ml HAKU Vodka fennel pollen, orris & gentian laced & aromatised HAKU wine

15ml Nasturtium leaf syrup

30ml Acid modified honeydew

5ml Gentian bitters




A toast to the females in the industry.

We are lucky to be surrounded by amazing, creative, strong, humble and brilliant women in this industry. Women who are reaching for new heights through exciting and new challenges. From female chefs, to bartenders, to venue managers, to distillers, brewers, wine makers and to the amazing brand ambassadors!

I bow down to you, you are all amazing. Let us continue to break the glass ceiling and keep pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be.

I chose Sipsmith as my hero spirit as they have a long and empowering relationship with women, from distillers through to brand ambassadors. I also wanted to use a spirit that I have loved for a long time. The light peppery notes of Sipsmith along with the citrus forward backbone lead into so many options, but using fresh and spice forward ingredients was most important for me.

I laced Haku with gentian, orris and fennel pollen to create an aromatised style of wine. Haku's amazing mouthfeel adds a further layer of depth to this cocktail. Playing off the gentian and orris also lifts the flavour of Sipsmith and really lets those spices flow.

Nasturtium leaves are used to make my sweetener, simply a syrup! Peppery flavours of nasturtium create a savoury level to my cocktail, while the honeydew lightens and brightens the drink.

To the women, Slainte!


Bar Torino

Kayla will be hosting a day for the amazing women in the Adelaide industry. A place for the women in the Adelaide hospitality industry to get together, talk and learn off like minded females as well as having some delicious drinks and snack along the way, including her Perfect Blend cocktail “Empow-HER”.

Kayla will host the events with Erica Richards from Beam Suntory discussing what it means to be a Brand Ambassador and Nicola Dean from Maybe Mae talking about her ups and downs behind the stick in some of Adelaide’s best bars.

This is a place that women in our industry can be comfortable asking the hard questions and discussing the pressures that we all face day to day. Come, drink and be merry together!