Kayla Grigoriou

Bar Torino

Peachez & honnies




Daisy flowers


50ml Maker's Mark

15ml peach & nasturtium leaf oleo saccharum

15ml honey & peach pit syrup

30ml lemon juice stock

60ml peach puree & nasturtium flower tea soda




Peachez & Honnies is inspired by the state of Kentucky. Peaches are often grown in the Southern part of the state and nasturtium flowers are often found in gardens and on the side of the road, not to mention Kentucky is the home of Maker's Mark!

I wanted to use every part of the peach and flowers while making what I am calling a boozy iced tea! Peaches are a fruit that is popular all over the world, but the pits and seeds are often thrown out. I am using all parts of the peach, and also peaches that are found to be too blemished to be sold in supermarkets. They have great flavour and often the impurities are only skin deep. The fruit is still good and can still be used.

Sustainability in the world is extremely important and many bars across the world have implemented sustainability practices, however we must also look at ourselves in the hospitality industry and make sure that we are taking care of ourselves as well. Nasturtiums have several health benefits including Vitamin C and can help fight off colds and flu.

So not only is this drink completely closed loop but the nasturtiums and daisies are foraged and the peaches are purchased off local farmers that cannot sell their product due to imperfections on the fruit surface.

Conservation Council Fundraising

Bar Torino

1. During the week we will have our cocktails available for purchase and $2 from each cocktail will be going to support the Conservation Council SA. This non-profit works on major issues affecting Australia (mainly SA's) environment, including sustainability, marine conservation biodiversity and water and food recovery. This council works with the Adelaide Sustainability Center that helps run workshops, events and connects people together.

2. We will also be holding a dinner where the profits will also go to support the Conservation Council SA. This dinner will consist of 4 spirits and matched food items with a focus on South Australian produce and sustainability of our local flora & fauna. Chef will be using locally foraged and sustainably sourced South Australian native produce that will accompany; Sipsmith Gin, Maker's Mark Bourbon, Laphroig Whisky & Hibiki Japanese Whisky.

It is $55pp and will be held on Thursday 21st on Feb.