Michael Keogh

Maybe Mae



Stemless Flute


Umeboshi Sherbet


45ml HAKU Vodka

15ml Sake

30ml Butterfly pea flower tea

20ml Rhubarb syrup

30ml Lemon juice




Luminosity is a toast to the ingenuity and innovation within our industry and the brands, the people and the venues that continue to shine at the head of their field.

Ever since I started in this industry, and especially since I started at Maybe Mae, I have had a light shone upon all the possibilities our industry can offer, gained an immense amount of knowledge and been afforded the opportunity to witness the brilliant results of our collective determination for greatness.

Our industry’s drive to find new flavours, new expressions of these flavours and their best possible presentation is nothing less than the pursuit of excellence. This philosophy and drive is epitomised in the Suntory distilleries’ quest for excellence and the reason behind their creation of HAKU; this wonderfully floral, slightly sweet and richly textural addition to the Suntory portfolio.

The luminous colour of my drink is due to the butterfly pea flower tea I have used. This tea is quite close in palate to sencha green tea and aside from its audacious colour, it adds a herbaceous and tannic, savoury length to the palate.

Rhubarb is an ingredient we have used in many different ways in Maybe Mae throughout my time there and is representative of the knowledge and the family that I have found within its walls. The rhubarb syrup adds a sweetness and slight tartness to the body of Luminosity.

Lemon juice is a necessity in all cocktail bars in the world to make many of our classics; the foundations of knowledge and experience that we have built upon to push forward to where we are now. The acidity and aroma this ingredient adds builds upon and accentuates the slight citrus notes and rounded flavours of HAKU.

Sake is made of the same base product as HAKU and is another expression of the flavours present in HAKU. Sake adds another rich textural component to the drink, as well as some more crisp and clean citrus and floral notes. I added a small amount of vanilla paste to this to build on the rich mouthfeel and give it a creamier quality on the palate.

Finally, the garnish. Umeboshi is a Japanese delicacy. I took this concept and made a sherbet with pickled and then dried plums. These are blitzed up with sugar, acid and salt to achieve a bright, sweet and acidic flavour combination that accentuates the sweeter elements of the drink. Stuck to the glass with a lemon oil spray; this garnish is fun, aesthetically pleasing and aromatic.

Luminosity is a toast to the people that shape our industry, that keep on pushing forward and searching for the new best flavour or product we can create. Luminosity is a toast to the leaders that light the way. Cheers!

Menu Launch Party

Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae will be hosting an event on 10th February, which will see the official launch of their cocktails in venue for the promotion. All three bartenders from Maybe Mae will be behind the stick/on the floor slinging drinks and talking about their cocktails; why they chose the products that they did and the inspirations behind them.

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