Mike Han

Jack & Jill's Bar and Restaurant

Laugh Lines


Nick and Nora


Genmaicha tincture spritz


55ml ROKU Gin

7.5ml Dry Sake

25ml Toasted pineapple juice

25ml Yuzu and citrus sherbet

30ml Whole coffee beans




Laugh Lines is a toast to the euphoric feeling of being reunited with that unbreakable friendship. It's all about that bond which nothing could ever break; not time nor distance. Whom when you're together, there's not a worry or care in the world. It’s all about that huge smile you have as you reminisce about the best of times.

Like these great times, ROKU encapsulates the best of its six unique Japanese botanicals at the peak of their growth. A perfect start that binds perfectly with an array of sweet, bitter and acidic properties of roasted pineapple, coffee beans, yuzu and genmaicha tea. A delectably light, yet complex drink that fills your senses and brings out a smile of comfort.

The pure happiness we feel that never changes. Even though our body physically change as we grow older and those wrinkles around our faces become more and more pronounced... The Laugh Lines.

Flaunt Your Laugh Lines!

Jack & Jill's Bar and Restaurant

During the two week period, Laugh Lines will be featured in our menu at Jack & Jill's. Laugh Lines is a toast to friendships and the ever lasting bonds entailed. So with every pair purchased with a friend, a small pairing dish will be served to complement.

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