Monique Elise Nelson

Paloma Bar and Pantry

Through Rose Coloured Glasses




Rose shaped ice


60ml Maker’s Mark

30ml Strawberry juice

20ml Rose simple syrup

20ml Rosella hibiscus tea

5ml Lemon juice

30ml Vanilla Milk


Maker's Mark Bourbon, strawberry juice, rosella tea, rose syrup and lemon juice all added together, then 30ml milk added. Left to curdle for 5 minutes, then strained through a coffee filter. Once through, restrained through the same leftover curds again. Poured into a coupe around rose shaped ice.


I've chosen to do a toast to Nostalgia. Nostalgia is difficult to categorise. It’s not quite a feeling, more like a phenomenon. The idea of something so personal, but also something that brings people together with a common longing for a time passed. Although some use the idiom ‘through rose coloured glasses’ as a negative, I see it as a beautiful concept that people naturally put those things that they love in positive light. A testament to human optimism.

All the elements of my drink embody things which I feel great nostalgia for and complement the classic bourbon that is Maker’s Mark. I chose to use Maker’s Mark for this drink not only because of the sweetness that comes from the bourbon which works well with my other ingredients, but because it is a brand that I love working with in the bar and enjoy drinking with friends. The red of the hand dipped wax seal was a great inspiration for how I wanted my drink to look.

Roses always make me think of my childhood home, where our entire front garden was covered in ‘Sonia Roses’ which my dad had planted for my mum who shared the same name, and as a family we would tend to them. Using rose petals in my syrup brings a herbaceous element to my drink, as well as a lovely aroma, and mixes well with the sweet, vanilla notes from Maker’s Mark that remind me so strongly of my childhood. I strengthened these herbal notes through the use of rosella tea.

I spent many years sneaking into my grandparents vegetable garden and stealing strawberries before they were ripe, and hiding and giggling to myself as I ate them. The sweetness of the bourbon mixes incredibly well with the fresh, floral notes of strawberries and they provide colour, a slight acidity and texture to my drink.

Strawberries and cream was one of my favourite treats as a child and I wanted to embody that wonderful creaminess in my drink without sacrificing the colour. I chose to incorporate this by washing my entire drink with milk and clarifying it into a punch; keeping the texture I wanted as well as the rose tint of my drink. This process also ties all the elements of my drink together and reminds me of my favourite guilty pleasure.

World Bartender Day at Paloma Bar and Pantry

Paloma Bar and Pantry

Through Rose Coloured Glasses will be available at Paloma Bar and Pantry from 10th-24th February. Follow @palomabarandpantry on Instagram for more information on this cocktail.