Nick Corletto

Maybe Mae

Dead Man's Reef




Dead Man's Fingers (seaweed, Codium Australiacum)


45ml Hakushu Distillers Reserve

20ml Sea Vermouth

10ml Red Syrup




Much of the talk of sustainability in our industry at the moment is centric to secondary use and reduction of waste, eliminating single use plastic and the power of locality. With this drink I wanted to explore an area of discussion not often tread in the bar: the Ocean.

Almost every major settlement in the world is located directly next to the ocean, and much of our food is sourced from the ocean too. Our future depends on us protecting the sea and continuing to sustainably harvest it's resources. As an industry it is not often you'll find produce from the ocean used in drinks we create, yet so much of what we eat comes from there. Kombu is a dried seaweed used often as a base for dashi, and other vegetable stocks. It is gently vegetal and briny, and continues to be distributed worldwide while being sustainably harvested not just in Japan but also other countries. The process of dehydration occurs naturally by leaving the seaweed in the sun, and the Kombu, along with the South Australian seaweed Dead Man's Fingers, also gives the drink a light iodine influence which profiles nicely with the lightly peated Hakushu DR.

The addition, Dead Mans Fingers (Codium Australiacum) adds a crab and truffle profile to the drink, and represents the power of locality of ingredients from the ocean that bartenders can take advantage of. We as an industry should address our use of produce sourced from large distances away, and overfarmed land masses, and seek new and additional sources of flavours and produce to reduce our overall impact upon the environment while exploring a whole new realm of flavours and produce.

World Bartender Day at Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae

Drink Promotion

• ‘Deadman’s Reef’ will be available at Maybe Mae, Shobosho and Sho for a limited time. Both will come with small menus upon request/suggestion that explain the location and importance of each ingredient in the drink, with a key focus on brand (Hakushu DR) and ‘Maximum Flavour/Minimum Waste’.

• At the restaurants mentioned, a small lunch promotion will be underway, in which the cocktail is paired with a dish (the house ramen). This ramen has a kombu stock, brown miso and nori in the hearty dish, which makes a terrific combination with the cocktail and it’s ingredients.

Social Media Activity

• Continued story and timeline activities throughout the week will maintain social media presence through my personal Instagram/Facebook.

• A livestream of me going to a location to forage for certain ingredients will occur during the promotional period, alongside commentary and live discussion with viewers on the issues of sustainability and the power of locality. Date TBA.