Nick Favaro

Bar Torino

The Italian Way




Cherry Tomato


40ml TOKI

20ml Tomato Thyme Oleo

15ml Malic and citric acid

15ml Acid modified white wine verduj

45ml Soda float




Every year for as long as I can remember there's been 'sauce day'. Over ripe tomatoes from Virginia (SA not USA) in the warehouse that have been sitting, waiting patiently to be crushed and pressed into hundreds of empty green san pellegrino bottles taken from our restaurant months before.

It doesn't matter if you are part of the direct family or a friend of a friend, every year some one new appears. The new entry is always subject to a bit of hazing but eventually becomes one of the masters.

My drink is a toast to these days that have been a ritual for many families, including my own. Not everyone involved will be a family member. Not everyone is an Italian, but it doesn't matter, because in the end it's been done the Italian Way.

Spaghetti + Spritz “Feast Fairly”

Bar Torino

The perfect Italian pairing – spaghetti and spritz! For the two weeks of World Bartender Day, Nick’s is asking customers to Feast Fairly and choose his Spaghetti + Spritz pairing.

Bar Torino + Chianti will be working with Edible Exchange in order to reduce waste by using surplus, waste or imperfect ingredients. Chef Toby + Nick will work together to create a pasta that pairs brilliantly with Nick’s The Perfect Blend cocktail, The Italian Way, that will be available over the two weeks at both Bar Torino + Chianti.

$4 from every special sold will be donated to the Hutt Street Centre – a community charity that works to feed and house the homeless in Adelaide CBD.