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Ringo Highball




An apple and lemon seed gel used to create Hibik calligraphy on the glass with lemon aromats on top.


60ml Hibiki Harmony

150ml Apple and Honey Soda

10ml Lemon Juice




Having grown up in the Alpine regions of Victoria and the pristine regions of the Huon valley Tasmania I was inspired by the striking similarities to Japan.

The beauty of both environments has inspired me to choose the minimal waste and maximize taste to make a difference in preserving these environments for everyone.

I chose the Hibiki Harmony for my cocktail, with its delicate floral and honey notes. I sourced Tasmanian grown Huon valley Fuji apples originally imported from Japan, combined with Tasmanian sustainably sourced honey to create my yeast fermented soda. Lemons are an abundant source of local citrus in Hobart, sourcing produce locally is a great way of ensuring sustainable practices.

Many of my friends and colleagues have lemon trees in their backyards I could gather from. To ensure sustainable practices I used the lemon juice, husks, peel and seeds to ensure no waste. The juice is one of the ingredients, the peels to create a lemon aromata, the husks I used to ferment the soda, and the seeds I crushed and extracted the pectin. The peels I combined with water in an air still to create a lemon aromata. The pectin I reduced with the apple from the soda to create a gel, combined with Tasmanian squid ink reflecting both the island natures of the two countries.

The gel I used to represent the Hibiki calligraphy on the glass creating both taste and a visual aesthetic. The seeds combined with the apple minimizes waste, ensuring sustainability and minimal waste with maximum taste.


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Evolve Spirits Bar

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