Alicia Clarke

Evolve Spirits bar

Throw another fennel on the barbie


Large Rocks


Slow and slow smoked applewood fennel heart, charcoal smoked Tasmanian olive oil drops


50ml Basil Hayden's

10ml heirloom fennel & applewood charcoal bitter digestif (housemade)

1 teaspoon (1 full cube) reset orange oleo saccharum cube (housemade)


Stir over ice, strain.


In my first year of bartending, I was pouring beers and making vodka lime and sodas. It wasn’t until an old friend made me an Old Fashioned that I began to fall in love with the fundamentals of bartending and honing my craft.

I have always been drawn to fresh ingredients growing up in Tasmania for most of my life, with fennel being one of these. It was always an ingredient used by my grandmother in Sunday lunches, and is a smell and taste and attribute the most to when I first started noticing and appreciating different flavours.

One of the best memories in my life; of my childhood, is having Sunday barbeques with my family. Those days were fighting with my sisters, hiding from my cousins, and spending time with the people that matter to me most. These days, I have vegans and vegetarians in my family, and it has suddenly become more important to me to reduce our impact and think more about the lives around us, hence barbequing a fennel heart as opposed to a real one.

I have chosen Basil Hayden’s to accentuate the vegetal notes of the spirit with the earthiness of the fennel, and the “barbeque” aspect of the apple wood charcoal. The reset oleo saccharum sugar cube is my way of drawing back to the original Old Fashioned recipe, but still keeping to the ethos of making as minimal an impact as possible.


World Bartender Day at Evolve Spirits Bar

Evolve Spirits Bar

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