Ash Turner

Society Salamanca

The Queen My Mother


Wax cup using Sipsmith wax


Pine needles


60ml Sipsmith London Dry

100ml House made pine cone soda

20ml House made lemon curd

5ml House made juniper tincture


Shake and double strain Sipsmith Gin, lemon curd and tincture over Collins ice and pine cone soda. Garnish with pine needles.


"The Queen My Mother" is a toast to exactly that my mother the queen in my life.

I wanted to create a drink for her after all she's done for me. From raising me, to being my main support and always pushing me to be the best I can be.

I chose Sipsmith Gin as she loves a good gin and it just so happens that The Queen My Mother was born in England much like Sipsmith Gin.

I wanted to work with ingredients that my mother loves but also would accentuate the flavour profile of Sipsmith Gin.

My mother is a sweet tooth hence the lemon curd, which matches perfectly with the lemon aromas of Sipsmith Gin.

She also loves a hike and is always talking about the smell of the native pines in Australia, which is where the pinecone soda comes in highlighting those flavours of juniper.

A few drops of house made juniper tincture balance my drink.

I present to you “The Queen My Mother” the queen in my life.


Wildlife Park Charity Event

Society Salamanca

To celebrate making it to The Perfect Blend Regional Finals 2020, Madeleine Irwin and Ash Turner will be hosting a charity event on Monday 10th February and donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their cocktails to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, who are doing crucial work during this devastating time.