Ashley Luke Turner

IXL Long Bar

Raw Materials


House made collins sugar glass


Lemon verbena & recycled paper wrapped around glass


45ml ROKU Gin

30ml house made pineapple tepache

30ml house made oleo saccharum

20ml house made champagne vinegar

10 x leafs lemon verbena from our garden


Add ROKU Gin, house made pineapple tepache, house made oleo saccharum and house made champagne vinegar to Boston clap lemon verbena into Boston add ice, Hard shake and single strain over ice into house made Collins sugar glass. Wrap glass with recycled paper add metal reusable straw and garnish with lemon verbena sprig.


Everything has a second use’ - that’s the philosophy I've used to create my drink ‘Raw Materials’. Almost every component of this drink is a bi-product from our bar made from ingredients that we use on a daily basis.

Each week, I make an oleo-saccharum using the citrus rinds left over from juicing. I wanted to see how far I could push this idea. Before long, I was making a Mexican-style tepache using the left-over peels and rinds from pineapples. Which is used in one of the bars signature cocktails.

I had already ditched plastic straws in favour of stainless-steel reusable straws, but I had to ask: how can I push my sustainable practices even further? Eventually it dawned on me after I recalled seeing so many bars pouring champagne down the sink simply because it had lost its spark: why not make champagne-vinegar? Using my own champagne-vinegar gave me the ability to create a range of outstanding and unique shrubs to use in the bar.

I have a strong DIY ethos at IXL Long Bar (and a bit of a green thumb as well!) and I thought: there can be no better way to tie all these ingredients together, but to use herbs from our own bar garden.

After a considerable amount of trial and error, I discovered that a few carefully-selected leaves of Lemon verbena was a perfect match for my drink ‘Raw Materials’.

‘Raw Materials’ is designed using just a few ingredients that I have on hand, and yet it takes environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices to the extreme.

At IXL Long Bar, it’s important for our ingredients to be as fresh as possible, but I am always looking for ways to minimise waste. At the end of the week, I make fresh sugar syrup and gather any older sugar-syrup and use this to preserve fruit, so that I can be as close to zero waste as possible – and this is where it dawned on me: what better way to showcase “Raw Materials” than to serve it in a home-made sugar-glass?

By wrapping my sugar-glass with a label made from recycled paper, I attempt to recreate as close as possible the philosophy and aesthetic that Roku gin exemplifies with their use of Washi paper in their labelling.

When the drink is finished, nothing remains except a name, a memory, a reusable straw, and a guilt-free puddle; the remains of a glass that needs no cleaning - eliminating, of course, the need for chemicals to clean it. With this drink, I attempted to create a powerful symbol – so that for every glass raised, is a glass raised in celebration and in recognition of fine craftsmanship, environmental sustainability, and the artisanal DIY ethos in all its forms.

‘Everything has a second use’ – and by using nothing but a few raw materials I was able to bring this cocktail to life.


Guest Bartender Appearances

IXL Long Bar

For World Bartender Day, I have gathered together Tasmania’s finest bartenders and created a list of cocktails using Japanese ROKU Gin - and these drinks are going to blow everyone’s minds. For two weeks, starting on the 10th of February, Tasmania’s top bartenders will be making guest appearances in the IXL Long Bar and whipping up their delicious and unique creations. Included in the list is my Perfect Blend cocktail “Raw Materials” which is being showcased to the public for the very first time. Come help us celebrate World Bartender Day and experience what Tasmania’s top bartenders have to offer! This is a very special opportunity and is certainly no regular occurrence – be sure not to miss out!