Campbell Nicol

Rude Boy

Peach of a Day


Prosecco glass


Peach & Kunzea dust on glass


60ml Maker’s Mark

5ml Kunzea Falernum

75ml Sauvignon Blanc soda

2.5ml 1:1 Sugar syrup




Peach Of A Day is a toast to long summer days.

To me summer is best spent with friends, it is a time for making the most of long warm evening, using seasonal fruits to create refreshing drinks that are simple and tasty.

Peach Of A Day takes the beautiful smooth wheat notes of Maker's Mark, infusing it with early season peaches to create a fruity undertone to the rich, slightly sweet notes of Maker's Mark.

I have always loved a refreshing spritz on a warm evening and using a Marlborough sauvignon blanc soda Peach Of A Day brings the bright flavours of a summer drink to life. The refreshing tartness of a classic New Zealand 'savvy b' is balanced with the light spiciness of a kunzea infused falernum and a touch of sugar.

Summer calls for simple drinks that allow for maximum flavour whilst allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather & food with friends. Peach Of A Day is a toast to this idea.


Shared Moments and Fried Chicken

Rude Boy

My drink is based around sharing moments with friends, so I’m creating 750ml version of my drink, aimed at being shared amongst friends. As a bar that specialises in fried chicken it made sense to me to pair a shareable cocktail with shareable food, so it comes as drink & food pairing with a hot sauce I’ve made that links the flavours in the drink with the food.

The deal will be available for the whole of February/ We have the benefit of running our kitchen from open to close, and this means that a late night snack with friends can be accompanied with a matching drink.