Campbell Nicol

Rude Boy

Fresh & Crispy Beets


Prosecco glass


Golden beetroot crisps with beetroot skin salt


60ml Jim Beam Rye

2ml Joven Mezcal

45ml beetroot mead

20ml meyer lemon juice

2 drops of 10% saline solution

30ml Spanish cava


Shaken & double strained, top with cava


Fresh & Crispy Beets is a drink which combines the spice & caramel notes of Jim Beam Rye, the earthy sweetness of fermented beetroot & honey, & the floral citrus notes of meyer lemon. A mezcal rinse & the added frizante provided by the cava give you a refreshing drink with a complex & earthy finish.

My inspiration for this drink was minimising the waste from our kitchen, keeping a local, low impact focus & creating longevity in fresh flavours. I’m also easily convinced by the beautiful purple tone that beetroot brings to a drink!

Fermenting roast beetroot offcuts from our kitchen with honey allowed me to bring out & preserve the beautiful earthy tones of beetroot, whilst reducing the sugar content & the sweetness. This off-dry style beetroot mead balances with the sweeter citrus notes of the meyer lemons (from my backyard), & lets the spice notes of the Jim Beam Rye shine through.

Served with golden beetroot crisps, made from small baby beetroots unable to be used in our kitchen, which enhance the savoury aspects of the drink whilst providing a contrasting & crunchy sensation. The dehydrated & powdered roast beetroot skin salt helps make the meyer lemon & rye spice notes pop on the second sip, giving the drink a multi-faceted aspect.


World Bartender Day at Rude Boy

Rude Boy

We will be donating $3 from every one of our cocktails sold between 10/2 & 24/2 to charities supporting the communities of the Huon Valley affected by the recent (and ongoing) fires.

This support of local people is, in our view, intrinsic to the minimal waste aspect of both our themes (obviously our drinks supply the maximum taste side).