Isabella Byrne

The Story Bar in MACq01 Hotel

Whisky for Breakfast


Rocks glass


Caramel and wattle seed brittle


60ml Hibiki Harmony

40ml T2’s New York Breakfast tea

30ml Home made blueberry and rhubarb shrub

3 drops Mister Bitters - fig and cinnamon bitters

2 drops Saline


Stirred down


The saying goes that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. That may be true but as hospitality workers, we often might not have time for breakfast. Or we eat breakfast at weird hours. Maybe, sometimes, we skip breakfast and go straight to whisky.

Thus, I created 'Whisky for Breakfast'. It is both a toast to the hospo community and my love for breakfast food. I chose the Hibiki Blend as my Hero Spirit because it’s one of the first whiskies I fell in love with and was the catalyst in me trying and loving more whiskies. Next came the decision to put New York Breakfast tea in my cocktail, as it is both breakfast related and my favourite tea. I'm constantly buying more because my housemate and I drink it so often.

Next, I decided I wanted a shrub instead of a syrup, so that it wouldn't be too sweet. But I find that sometimes the flavours of the shrub get lost under the vinegar. So, I settled on making a rhubarb shrub and then adding the muddled blueberries and fine straining for the final product. I have been saying for a very long time that rhubarb is my favourite fruit, so I really wanted it to be in there. There has also been a lot of hungover breakfasts the day after a hospo event everyone is confused as to how I can stomach French Toast in such a state.

I found the fig and cinnamon bitters on our bar at home while I was looking for things that could possibly work with the ingredients I already wanted to use, but the concept of Toasting to Breakfast didn't come until I tasted it with some work friends. Lastly, I added the saline because I needed something to open up the flavours a little. Turns out, it adds to the drink and theme. at Hungover Hospo Breakfasts, there is one person that puts way too much salt on their eggs while they tell me Waffles or French Toast for breakfast is gross.

So here is my toast to the salty and mostly sweet of the hospo family I love being a part of.


Hotel Room Draw and Whisky Flights

The Story Bar in MACq01 Hotel

Anyone who purchases a serving of ‘Whisky for Breakfast’ from 10-24th February will go in the draw to win a room at MACq01 for 1 night by filling out a ballot paper to go in the ballot box.

The Story Bar will also offer a whisky tasting flight to showcase their 3 Japanese whiskies on the menu: Hibiki Harmony, The Chita and Hakushu. This is will be paired with Tasmania cheeses. $45 for the whisky flight with the cheeses.