Loreta KWong

The Glass House Hobart

Willow tree






50ml Maker's Mark

10ml oloroso sherry

5ml sour plum and earl grey dememurra syrup

2 dashes of peychaud bitter

2 dashes of angostura bitters

5ml 1:4 by weight Saline solution 5 sprays kunzea bunch infused Laphroaig 10YO Malt




I used to live beside a park sprinkled with Willow Trees and whenever I have some time off or when I feel I have to recenter myself I tend to visit one of these Willow Trees and sit there looking out onto a lake. This cocktail was concocted with this imagery, scent, and feeling in mind. In a world where people tend to speed to the finish line, it is refreshing to know that Maker's Mark honours tradition, taking time to rotate barrels during their ageing process and hand dip every bottle with red wax. I came to drink whisky by drinking Maker's Mark and it is extremely nostalgic for me just like sitting underneath the Willow Tree.

I have paired the fruity, vanilla and toasted nuts notes of Maker's Mark with oloroso sherry, earl grey and sour plum demerara syrup and kunzea Laphroaig 10 spray to emulate the salty, green, chimney smoke of an Autumn breeze while sitting underneath a Willow Tree in a park. With a sip, I want to transport the imbiber to a place where they could breathe, slow down and have that peaceful reminder that everything will be alright.

P.S. The sour plums were picked from behind the Bar of Boodle Beasley in North Hobart and the kunzea branch is vibrant under the influence of Laphroaig and could be reused for garnish.

Sour Plum Earl Grey Demerara Syrup Heat half part sour plum with demerara sugar until it starts to soften add one part water and one part earl grey tea to the one part demerara sugar already in the pot. Let slowly heat up for ten minutes and let sit for another ten minutes. Drain and let rest.

Kunzea Infused Laphroaig 10. Infuse a handful of Kunzea bunch into 60ml Laphroaig 10 and let sit for 5 hours in room temperature. Double strain and place in spray bottle.