Madeleine Irwin

Society Salamanca

Mr. Postman


Old Fashioned


Sap paint & raspberry sherbet


60ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old

15ml Raspberry & wattle seed Shrub

20ml Acacia tree sap

5 drops Wattle flower tincture


Stir down in glass


The local Postman. An often overlooked, under-appreciated slave to the mail whom we see every day with barely a word spoken between us. No longer.

Mr. Postman is a walk along a mailman's route in suburban Australia, with Acacia (Wattle) sap being used as a nod to its traditional and modern day use as a gum Arabic for envelope seals. Raspberry guides the palate down the path where my neighbours let their raspberry bush dangle from the fence line, the rich fruit, tart at first becomes sweet. The Hero, second only to the mailman themselves, Laphroaig 10 delivers an earthy kick, a sweet smokey lick to carry any mailman up gruelling hills rain, hail or shine.

Take off that high vis, park your postie and settle in, your package has been delivered.


Wildlife Park Charity Event

Society Salamanca

To celebrate making it to The Perfect Blend Regional Finals 2020, Madeleine Irwin and Ash Turner will be hosting a charity event on Monday 10th February and donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their cocktails to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, who are doing crucial work during this devastating time.