Rohan Massie

Rude Boy

A Town Called Plum


Nick & Nora


Lemon Bow & spent aromatics Scented fog


35ml Jim Beam Rye

10ml Courvoisier V.S.O.P

15ml Plum Pisco

15ml house made Vanilla & Star anise quin quina (Made from Oxidised red wine)




One of my first inspiring experiences as a young bartender was a cocktail degustation at Der Raum. An amazing and very influential bar in Melbourne circa 2010. One of the cocktails that really inspired me was a plum pisco cocktail, cold smoked in a jar with star anise and vanilla. I have taken the essence of this drink with its flavour profile of plum, vanilla and anise and used it to compliment the spice and fruit tones in Jim Beam Rye. The star anise and vanilla coming through in a house made Quin Quina using oxidised red wine. The spent aromatics of which are used to make a scented fog surrounding the drink, something which I feel the avant-guard bar that Der Raum was, would enjoy. The drinks name, ‘A town called Plum’ came from a little town near the Jim Beam Distillery called Plum for a little touch of Kentucky.


World Bartender Day at Rude Boy

Rude Boy

We will be donating $3 from every one of our cocktails sold between 10/2 & 24/2 to charities supporting the communities of the Huon Valley affected by the recent (and ongoing) fires.

This support of local people is, in our view, intrinsic to the minimal waste aspect of both our themes (obviously our drinks supply the maximum taste side).