Chloe Cooper

The 18th Amendment Bar

You’re Makin’ me nuTty


Single Rocks


Orange rind flame


45ml Maker's 46

15ml Courvoisier V.S.O.P

10ml Hazelnut liqueur

5ml Maple syrup

4 drops of Slated orAnge bitters

Orange zest flame




I decided to use Maker's 46 because it was the first bourbon that I tried and actually enjoyed. I did an old fashioned twist because an old fashioned was my first ever cocktail and it started my journey into bartending. The cognac brings forward the caramel flavours in the Maker's 46. The maple is also a compliment to the spirit I’ve decided to use. My garnish is a orange zest flame. I think the hatred orange finish gives it the zing and also compliments the American Oak Charred barrels used in each fresh batch.


World Bartender Day at The 18th Amendment Bar

The 18th Amendment Bar

For my promotion I will be doing two days; one on Wednesday the 13th of February at the 18th Amendment Bar and also 18th’s sister bar Manhattan have let me use the venue as well so I’ll be doing the same event a day later on the 14th.

For every patron who orders my drink they will receive a plate. On the plate will be the flavours and some components of my cocktail deconstructed with different foods. They will also receive a little card that reads why I’ve decided to do this and explain about how every component on the plate matches my cocktail. This will also be bottled and sold at our sister bar Manhattan.