Connor Rollason Smith

Gin Palace

Oats and Cabbages


Nick and Nora




45ml Maker’s Mark

20ml Oat milk

20ml Quinqina

20ml Lemon juice

10ml Sugar syrup




A Toast To Fun, I would like to say I'm a pretty fun and happy person most of the time and so I have created this drink to showcase my ironic sense of humour and how even the blandest of situations can be made humorous. The irony comes from my 2 main ingredients, Cabbage and Oats. I wanted to flip people’s perception on what is or isn't fun, and how better to do it than with some of the most boring and least used ingredients. My choice of hero spirit came naturally as with most spirit brands they can become too uptight and ultimately lose a little bit of flair, The Dunking of Maker's Mark into wax is a perfect example of how to keep the spice in your life without buying a pink sailboat with monkey waiters and a diamond encrusted anchor (but that does sound fun too!!).


Gin Palace Goes Dark

Gin Palace

On Thursday 20th February Gin Palace will be hosting an intimate event that pairs each of our cocktails from The Perfect Blend with bespoke tasting plates, there will be 2 session times. One for 6pm-7:30pm and another from 8pm-9:30pm. After this we will open up the room to some of our friends in hospitality. This will be an event to celebrate cocktail culture and to educate interested consumers about Beam Suntory and our individual cocktails.

We will be showcasing a special Beam Suntory one off menu for the evening, highlighting our bartender’s The Perfect Blend cocktail submissions for the evening, with bespoke food pairings that will be served side by side to entice the palate.