Daniel Norton

Fargo & Co.

Flip of faith


Grappa glass


Grated tonka beans


45ml Maker's Mark

5ml px sherry

5ml lemon juice

1 quail egg

1 barspoon peach vanilla jam




Flip of Faith, a journey within a cocktail.

In creating of this cocktail, I sat down and reflected a couple years back in time, moving away from home. That moment in time I recognise as a journey with a faith in mind that I’ll make it through on this journey, to branch out further into the world and see what it has to offer. Melbourne being the highly recommended place, it came to my attention to choose this beautiful city to be my next home for the years to come.

The cocktail depicts my journey of stepping into a bigger world that I’ve yet to discover. The expression flip of faith is the chosen title for this cocktail to show my decision making that involved a lot of faith and not a lot of flip (as you were). The ingredients used represented the sweet, bitter, reminiscing and a punch. You’d probably be wondering why ‘a punch’, well to put it simply the chosen hero of this cocktail is Makers Mark and as I try to make a mark in the hospitality scene, new life and friends, every step of the way there were a lot of punches thrown in order to get an understanding of how things operate and how you could find ways for a solution to overcome these punches.