Jordan Taskovski

Pietro Gallo Estate

Hidden Garden


Crystal Collins


Sakura tea leaves


45ml ROKU Gin

5ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old Malt

15ml Lillet Blanc

10 grams Sakura tea

2 drops Saline solution (20%)

7.5ml Champagne acid


Shaken and foam finish


To two amazing Managers that brought me into the world of bartending, Jason and Andrew, I raise my glass and toast to you. Jason brought me into my first Gin tasting to which my mind was open to the variety and intricacies of Gin, I immediately developed a thirst for knowledge in the spirits world. Andrew a great mentor and friend, taught me everything I know about whiskey but especially about Islay, he showed me that not all peat is the same, that within this lies a simple but delicate balance of smoke, dry and sweet. To them I tribute this drink, a new beginning to my world and a perfect blend of two complimentary worlds not yet explored. This drink presents as an ode to two amazing hero spirits ROKU and Laphroaig 10, with the lovely light and dry citrus from ROKU combined with a touch of rich, balanced peat from Laphroaig, a dash of smoked salt elevates the earthy dryness to a new level, while the champagne acid aids in separating the dry and sweet flavours. Take a sip and smell the roses on top and find the lush greenery below from ROKU gin..


The Hidden Gardan

Pietro Gallo Estate

For the period of February 10th until the 24th of February, the Olivigna Bar at Pietro Gallo Estate will be hosting Jordan’s new dram, The Hidden Garden. Featuring ROKU, accompanied by a variety of fresh flavours including yuzu lemon and sakura tea, to unearth the intricacies of ROKU.

They are also offering the cocktail to be purchased with paired liqueurs, as a palate cleanser and a fruity balance to the otherwise earthy cocktail, and because the venue make all of their own liqueurs.