Luke Kelly

Mr West Bar & Bottle Shop

Celery & Cigarettes




Lemon balm sprig


50ml Jim Beam Rye

15ml Radish Fino Sherry

5ml Mezcal

15ml Acidified Strawberry & Celery Syrup

1 dash Peychaud Bitters

60ml Lemon balm soda


Batch together & carbonate to 60 PSI. Pour & Serve.


With this delicate and fresh highball, I’m toasting to the brilliant flappers of Prohibition, offspring from the Jazz Age in the US. Woman that were short skirted with bobbed hair, confident and stylish, strong-willed and independent, always filling speakeasies with bright red lips and dancing hips, all inspired by the Jazz culture of Prohibition. It was a perfect match to use Jim Beam Rye that still uses the same recipe from Pre-Prohibition to truly represent the time properly.

These trendy, punk women would dress how they wanted, break social boundaries, dance all night with the partners in long racoon coats and they were said to have a diet that consisted of Celery and Cigarettes, and there my drink came to life. Jumping from bar to bar, they would usually just indulge on the complimentary finger food available, keeping their diet minimal, which pushed me to use quite clean, light and delicate flavours to try a replicate this whilst building around the whiskey which I like to believe they would’ve been sipping on. A modern highball style drink was chosen again to continue with lightness and freshness and with a homemade soda adding effervescence and perfume to represent personality and aromas of flappers.

A splash of fresh radish infused sherry adds a dryness and vegetal note to the drink, working with the pepper characteristic of Jim Beam Rye and also building on the red hue designed to represent flappers lips. A touch of mezcal adds some smoke and bright agave, doing the name justice and the time of glorified smoking. Finger-food veterans, strawberry & celery have been juiced and acidified with malic and citric acid, mixed with a little sugar and strained to add sweetness, saltiness and acidity all at once. A dash of New Orleans bitter Peychaud to bind all the flavours together, stirred quickly, then topped with a Lemon-Balm and zest soda to round everything off with effervescence, aroma and mellow acidity. Front palette is aromatic, lightly sweet and textural where the back palate is more vegetal and umami with the Rye coming through both sides.

These flavours come together creating a complex lip-stick coloured highball, with a heavy dose of Jim Beam Rye taking centre stage complimented with vegetal, fresh and clean flavours of the flapper’s diet during Prohibition. Boozy, unique, strong and bubbly, traits of both this cocktail and flappers.