Oscar Shaw

Eau De Vie

Swan Song


Grappa glass




30ml Sipsmith London Dry

20ml Bols Genever

15ml Oxided red wine reduction

15ml lemon husk reduction

10ml whey concentrate

10ml rosewater syrup




I've always been a fan of sherry and vermouth. When I have a Sunday to myself; a bottle of sweet vermouth on the back porch is how I choose to spend it. Seeing oxidized wine poured down the sink hurts my soul, and this was the spark of inspiration for my drink. Wine that would otherwise have gone to waste was reduced with glucose and sugar to create a thick, dark red wine reduction. Given a chance for its own ""Swan Song""; the name came to me as I reached for a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry on the back bar.

Whey concentrate made from unused milk from a cafe round the corner, Lemon husk reduction made from the wasted husks from that days juicing.

My drink gives various bold and striking ingredients a chance to exit with grace, crafted into a delicate and floral drink instead of gurgling down the drain or ending up in a landfill. Sipsmith brings crisp, dry citrus notes to the front of the palette. Red wine reduction gives tannin's and full bodied fruit to the middle. Lemon husk reduction, citrusy yet syrupy gives viscosity, plays with the Sipsmith and gives a consistent clear colour. Whey concentrate creates wonderful mouthfeel and helps accentuate the malty, heavier qualities of the Bols Genever which rounds off the sip. Finally, on the nose and at the edges of the taste, the subtle notes of rosewater from the rosewater syrup. I've elected for a grappa glass for the nose, and no garnish for the sake of sustainability and preserving the complexity of the drink. Otherwise discarded ingredients come together for a final Swan Song.