Renato Tonelli

GALAH Boozery

Bread & buck


Collins Glass


Recycled Ginger Cracker and lime pith sugar


60ml Maker's Mark

30ml Banana Peel Shrub

15ml Lime Juice

90ml Ginger ale infused pineapple skin

60ml Kvass Bread Foam

5ml Laphroaig 10YO Malt


Shake and strain


Food waste is one of the toughest challenges that we face in today’s civilization and the hospitality industry has a duty to minimize it as much as possible.

The inspiration for my cocktail started with the single most wasted food item. Bread.

That which has kept us nourished for thousands of years has now become the most wasted food on the planet. By turning it into a beverage however, we will be able to reuse stale bread that would normally be thrown out. Hence if we can’t eat it, let’s drink it!


Renato Tonelli


Our head bartender, Renato Tonelli, as part of his submission to the Perfect Blend cocktail competition (in honour of World Bartender Day February 24th) has invented a cocktail inspired by our ever growing waste problem - sounds perfect for a cocktail right? Take a sip of the Bread + Buck!

Every cocktail ordered is paired with a slice of banana bread made from the by-products used to make our cocktail. Once ordered, you'll have the chance to try any of our Beam Suntory products at a discount with a sip of bread kvass alongside with it!

Inspired by innovative methods of recycling, Renato chose to focus on bread - the most wasted food item in the world. Once it goes stale and hard, not many people know what to do with it - well, he has turned it into a drink along with other commonly wasted food items as the ingredients.

Join us in a celebration of human ingenuity, sustainable practices + we’ll even share some of our waste reduction tips!