Sarah Elyse Watson


Torii Goes Tiki


Tiki Mug


Pineapple leaves, mint sprig, Pineapple, yuzu & black pepper jam


60ml ROKU Gin

30ml Lemon Juice

45ml Pineapple, Yuzu & Black pepper Jam

60ml Pineapple & mint tea

5ml massenez plum liqueur

3 dashes of Pernod absinthe


Add all ingredients to tin. Shake, and single strain into tiki mug. Top with crushed ice.


Waste in bars can be a huge issue, and in my venue it appeared that most of that waste came from fresh fruit in the form of skins, piths and cores. I made Torii Goes Tiki as an experiment to see whether I could use every single part of a fruit - in this case pineapple. I had previously made a cocktail involving ROKU Japanese gin and pineapple and found that the six Japanese botanicals used in ROKU Gin paired well with pineapple, and so the challenge began. 90% of the pineapple went into the home-made pineapple, yuzu & black pepper jam. I made the jam with yuzu to introduce tartness and re-integrate those Japanese flavours. The pepper added lots of savoury notes and made for an interesting mouth-feel. A whole pineapple went into the jam, including the core. With the skins of the pineapple I made a tea, this just involved cooking down the skin in water to extract as much flavour as possible before adding mint to brighten it up. Using pineapple leaves as a garnish reduced waste further, using one pineapple I could make about 20 cocktails!


Tiki Tea Party


We're getting ready for World Bartender Day early this year, so dig out your loudest party shirt & join us at Cookie for the launch of Tori Goes Tiki!

We’re kicking off the afternoon with a short Masterclass to teach you all about this glorious concoction & the hero spirit in it, ROKU Gin. We’ll be slinging out drink specials with a tasty little food pairing all afternoon, so come on down to say g’day and see what Tori goes Tiki is all about!