Tom Gibbs

GoGo Bar



Nick & Nora


Dehydrated Lemon


40ml ROKU Gin

20ml Luxardo infused with cherries and plums

10ml cherry syrup

15ml lemon citrate

10ml creme de violettes




I wanted to do a twist on a classic, and so I thought I should lean in to the rich flavor that tends itself towards an aviation. This is the best take on an aviation that I can currently create, and so I call it the Concorde.

I allowed Luxardo to steep in cherries, plums, and a small amount of ginger (to highlight the ROKU Gin) for three days, then simmered the cherries and plums down separately to create cherry and plum syrups. To minimise wastage, I created a lemon citrate to preserve the juice. This sweetens it, so I added citric acid to control the sour profile.

I wanted to use the spice in the ROKU Gin to it's fullest extent, and really highlight the gin aspect of the aviation, while drawing out the cherry tones to their fullest extent. For this cocktail, I have used only B-Grade produce, and not a single portion has been wasted. The cherries and plums were frozen, then steeped, then simmered into syrups for later usage. The lemons were turned into a citrate, and their rind used to create a perfume for other drinks.


World Bartender Day at Gogo Bar

Gogo Bar

We're running a promotion across the period for ROKU Gin to coincide with The Concorde being on the menu.

Starting from the 10th, The Concorde will be on the menu at GoGo! We're proud to engage with World Bartender Day, and our staff will be spreading the word, as well as engaging with our guests on the flavours of ROKU Gin.