Tony Huang

The Cloakroom

Day 1.


White Japanese ceramic tea cup and ramekin


1 pickled cherry tomato


45ml HAKU Vodka

30ml Sake (Niigata style)

12.5ml Cherry tomato pickle brine

3 drops Charred nori bitters


Stir with cracked ice and strain


My Cocktail 'Day 1.' is a toast to new beginnings, to the sun that rises every day, to the new love, the new job, the new experiences. It all starts with Day 1, "...let there be light..." Genesis 1:3.

This cocktail is based on the important start of the day, The Breakfast, and more specifically The Japanese Breakfast (rice, miso soup, tsukemono, grilled fish and nori). I have created this drink to capture that essence and also to demonstrate the 5 primary taste sensations: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. It is my interpretation of the Gibson Martini and Dirty Martini.

I have used HAKU Vodka for its purity and delicate sweetness as the primary element of the cocktail. A Niigata style sake, which is clean and crisp, was applied as a flavour amplifier for Haku Vodka much like the function of the vermouth in a martini. These ingredients are to represent the all-important core of the Japanese Breakfast, the white rice (Hakumai).

I made my own tsukemono/pickle with cherry tomato (umami), rice vinegar (sour), white sugar (sweet) and white miso (salty). The brine is used to bring depth to the cocktail.

Finally, charred nori bitters are used to add the sensation of bitter. This is also added to represent the nori and grilled fish eaten during a Japanese breakfast.

This cocktail is constructed like how a Japanese person eat; amalgamating the flavours in their mouth with rice, fish, tsukemono, nori and miso soup. 'Day 1' should be enjoyed by first taking a sip of the drink then have a bite of the pickled cherry tomato and another sip of the cocktail. The journey of flavour from the start to the end will be a marbling of the 5 primary taste sensations and ever developing throughout.

Here's to 'Day 1' and to you! Enjoy!


GiveNow Gippsland Fundraising

The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom will be donating 100% of sales from the 'Day 1' cocktail to the GiveNow Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund during World Bartender Day 10th - 24th February 2020.

Day 1 is all about celebrating new beginnings. With this in mind we hope to encourage everyone to give the fire devastated Gippsland community a new beginning.

Here’s to your Day 1!