Tony Huang

The Lui Bar



Stemless flute


Bitter lemon Husk powder


45ml ROKU Gin

60ml overnight rose champagne

30ml Lemon husk oleo Saccharum

30ml Egg yolk

30ml Lemon husk soda ROKU Gin

1/2 teaspoon Lemon husk powder




I wanted to create a delicious drink that utilises only what is usually discarded in our standard bar service.

Firstly I focused on the egg white prep process in which egg yolks are regularly discarded.

So I thought what can I make with egg yolks? The flip and golden fizz immediately came to my mind. With spring and summer in sight I chose to make a twist on the golden fizz, which is light, fluffy and refreshing.

What better to host this drink other than ROKU Gin? A floral and fresh style of Japanese gin with a strong emphasis on achieving balance through the four seasons especially spring and summer.

Next I thought about the acid component of the drink. I wanted an alternative to fresh citrus juice so I decided to use the high quality leftover Rose Champagne that we waste at the end of the night because it won’t be effervescent enough the next day to serve. This acid base provided a bright perfume aroma, a berry dominated palate and a soft mouth feel.

For the sweetness part I used the lemon husks leftover from juicing lemon and sugar to make a oleo saccharum that will not only contribute sweetness to the drink but also a great mouth feel and citrus aroma attributed to the lemon’s essential oils.

The lemon husks from making the oleo saccharum is then soaked in boiling water for a minute to make a light lemon soda with a soda syphon.

The lemon husks after soaking in hot water is then dehydrated and blitzed to make a bitter lemon husk powder. This powder is added to the drink as a bittering agent to increase drink complexity, counteract the egginess and as a palate cleansing garnish on half side of the glass.

This fizz made from ROKU Gin and only bar leftovers is highly aromatic, luxurious, complex and refreshing.

ROKU means six and coincidentally only six ingredients were used to create a perfect balance and harmony to this drink.

The drink is named Kinsetsu, a marriage between the Japanese word for gold ‘kin’, referring to the Golden Fizz and season ‘kaisetsu’, referring to the importance of the seasons in ROKU Gin. So essentially this is a drink that invites you to the Golden Season every time you take a sip.

I am really proud with what I have created. I really enjoy this drink and I hope to have the opportunity to serve it to you.


World Bartender Day at The Lui Bar

The Lui Bar

Moving forward we will have the drink printed on a page insert on lemon myrtle seeded paper so that every guest who orders the drink can take the menu home with them and plant a lemon myrtle tree.