Tyler Dent

Boilermaker house

Bartender's Ruin


Nick & Nora


Unripe peach powder rim


60ml Sipsmith London Dry

15ml House made rakau hopped dry vermouth

2 dash of Hopped grapefruit bitters




My story is of home, of summer afternoons. That rare moment in time where bartenders actually see sunlight on a Tuesday afternoon, preferably around a bloody decent barbecue.

This drink is an ode to the friends and the community I left at home to pursue my dreams as a bartender.

Sitting round sipping a refreshing gin or a beautiful ipa from one of New Zealand's many amazing craft breweries was always an afternoon well spent.

I took my favourite New Zealand hop, Rakau, for its fresh stonefruit flavours coupled with its intense, but well structured bitterness and made a beautifully dry vermouth full of herbacious bite and twisted it into what my idea of a NZ Martini should be.

The story of this drink is not complicated, but neither is the drink. But, it is powerful all the same.

Friendship, drinking and sunshine should never be complicated. But all of them should always evoke the most heartfelt of memories.

Cheers to the people that are always there for you. Cheers to uncomplicated beauty.
And cheers to making the best out of a damn good Tuesday afternoon.