Zachary Morgan

Black Pearl

Rule of three


Stemless Chardonnay


Maraschino paint, waste lemon peel hydrosol, recycled menu paper label


45ml per serve / 315ml per bottle Maker's Mark

25ml per serve / 175ml per bottle of lacto fermented left over lemon juice

10ml per serve / 70ml per bottle hemp smoked honey

20ml per serve / 140ml per bottle of mineral water


Bottled group serve


‘Rule of Three’ is a simple three ingredient drink designed to explore sustainability as a whole and inspired by ‘The Three Pillars of Sustainability’; social, economic and environmental. The environmental footprint is reduced through using waste ingredients such as whey, maraschino syrup, left over lemon juice & peels. As well as removing energy consuming ice from the equation by pre-diluting the cocktail and serving it at temperature from a recycled bottle. Economic sustainability is achieved by on shift labour reduction through having ready made drinks as well as the cost saving measures of using waste ingredients to achieve a goal rather then purchasing new. Lastly ‘Rule of Three’ is a pre-bottled, carbonated group serve containing 7 serves with an informative label created with recycled paper made from retired cocktail menus designed to bring people together and evoke discussion.

Sustainability has been a massive trend in the bar industry as well as many others in recent years and it is great to see everyone doing their part. For the most part steel straws are everywhere and people are finding many ways to create less waste for land fills. Many other facets I do not feel are discussed enough such as using more sustainable crops such as hemp or local honey from companies that are encouraging raises in bee population as sourcing your products from as local as possible to reduce emissions and support your local economy.

Looking at sustainability through 'The Three Pillars’ encourages us to look at the whole picture rather then just one fragment of the issue.