Jessica Arnott


Hatchimitsu redux




Nutmeg & ground roasted rice. a spritz of grapefruit twist from a distance, then discarded.


45ml Yamazaki Distiller

15ml oloroso sherry infused with roasted rice, nutmeg & wattleseed

20ml acidulated white grapefruit juice (add 2g citric and 2g malic acids to 100g fresh pressed white grapefruit juice)

10ml burnt honey syrup (cook honey until reduced and caramelised. Cut 1:1 with water for ease of pouring)

15ml fresh egg white

2 drops salt water (20g salt to 80g still water)


Dry shake all ingredients first, without ice, add ice and shake hard. Fine strain into a chilled coup. Garnish and serve.


Almost exactly 10 years ago, I won the first cocktail competition I had ever entered.  I had been working as a waitress at a top cocktail bar in London, which I loved, but I left and took a job in a really crappy bar in order to make the transition to bartender. The dudes I had worked with prior had never really taken me seriously until one day, they blind judged me in my first cocktail competition, which I won. That exact moment in time was tasted pretty sweet to say the least, and gave me a huge boost in confidence that I needed to keep pushing in a world where I could count the number of top female bartenders I know of on one hand... twice.

World Bartender Day at Tiny's


I am truly incorporating the idea of WORLD Bartender Day by taking my cocktail, the Hachimitsu Redux over to Japan and documenting its travels for my 14.8k global followers on Instagram. Lots of my followers are more food focused, so hopefully we can open their eyes to the possibilities of great whisky cocktails in a fun, engaging manner. I have lined up to make my drink for staff and guests at Bar Nayuta in Osaka and Bar Ajito in Furano, as well as perhaps busting out some gorilla cocktail tactics out the front of the Yamazaki Distillery and on top of a mountain, using my snowboard as the bar. To help me along the way, I'll be taking a tiny cocktail shaker that I bought many moons ago in Japan, when Ueno San took me shopping in Tokyo's Kappabashi district.