Jordan Harrison


Hellfire to happiness




Cucumber peel strip on toothpick over drink


55ml ROKU Gin

7.5 HAKU Vodka Cucumber liqueur (made from cucumber syrup and HAKU vodka)

6 drops Hellfire bitters




This drink is a toast to varnish on king. Varnish is an underground American whiskey bar in the centre of Perth, existing to ensure inhabitants are hydrated, pretzelled, and whiskey’d up.

After having worked in hospitality for 2 years trying to find my place, by chance, varnish appeared in my life. Here we have a bunch of amazing bartenders, waiters that will make you feel at home, and a team of nothing but pure passion.

I’ve been surrounded by some of the best minds in the industry, shown the ropes and more, and made into a floor and bar superstar.

Not being of a naturally creative mind and being asked to make a cocktail from scratch was pretty weird for me. I didn’t know where to go, what to do, how to blend or shake, or the flavours that balance a cocktail. I’ve been shown by the best of the best. I’ve been shown greatness and strive for nothing more.

My team appreciates me, and I appreciate them, and they have become my family, my friends, my life, and this drink was inspired by a number of different experiences throughout my time at varnish, and hospitality.

From simply trying our blandest house bourbon to build my palate, to the pappy van winkle’s 23, varnish, my managers, my colleagues, my family, have made sure I know not only what I’m doing, but why.

As a law student not knowing where their future leads, I’ve been given a chance to learn and grow in the best industry known to mankind, hospitality- the industry of people. A place where I can be myself, have fun, work hard, and make sure each and every person I see is having the time of their life, or at least a night to remember.

A big thank you to team varnish for everything in building me up to the man I am today and making sure that I’m doing everything I possibly can, to make varnish, VARNISH.

Win @ Varnish


Win @ Varnish for World Bartender Day.

An American Whiskey bar starring a gin cocktail! Yes, you heard that right!

To celebrate the diversity of our knowledge and assortment of our libations, we are presenting a cocktail called Hellfire to Happiness, using the one and only ROKU Gin by Beam Suntory. Created by Jordan Harrison, a finalist for The Perfect Blend cocktail competition, we invite you to come join us for a rock n rock roll, gin and whiskey fuelled remember!

See you for the exclusive pour from February 10-24!