Joshua Wedd

Bar Lafayette

Can’t Help Falling in Love


Tiki mug


Honey, dehydrated strawberry dust, flowers, 2x pineapple leaves


45ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old

20ml Cascara “Amarga” (bitter)

30ml Strawberry and pineapple whey creaming soda

22.5ml Lime juice

3 dashes Bittermen’s burlesque bitters

20ml Coffee infused falernum


Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake, pour into glass, cap with crushed ice and garnish


A toast to discovery.

Back in 2015 when I was cutting my ‘big city’ hospitality teeth in a nightclub, I was perusing the backbar of my venue trying to make sense of the range and making notes of what I thought I could do with it all in cocktails (I was a glassie at the time). My bar manager noticed this, pulled me aside and made me my first Old Fashioned. I was hooked from the first sip; “how could such a simple drink be so complex and delicious?” I then proceeded to make Old Fashioneds every weekend as my staffie, working my way through the entire backbar. The thirst for discovery kept me hungry for more within the hospitality industry, except now I’m more interested in uncanny flavour combinations and shaking up original cocktail specs to invent something new.

Inspired loosely on a Mai-Tai, this cocktail is a vector for showing that all kinds of spirits and flavours can be used in any cocktail format (Tiki being the case here). While it is important that we recognise the history and reasoning behind a lot of classic cocktails being made the way they were, it’s also important to invent, learn, progress and continue the journey of discovery. Otherwise what’s the point of the daily grind?

Workshopping Services and More at Bar Lafayette

Bar Lafayette

My activation inclusive of the drink being listed in-venue will be a targeted and promoted social media campaign in which I will be deconstructing each element of my cocktail with full transparency - processes and specs will be available for the whole community to view.

To toast “discovery” and creativity I’ll also be offering workshopping services to hospitality peers that desire it, focussing on overcoming creative hurdles. While cocktail centric for the purpose of TPB, this can extend to any process within a venue where said peer feels there’s room for improvement.