Kaden Pool

Long Chim

The Honey Pot


Small Glass Coupe


Solid Cologne: Made from the left over honey Pot glycerin combined with the smoke infused yeast, strained, then set into a solid.


40ml Laphroaig Quarter Cask

10ml Canadian Club 12YO

10ml No waste / Fridge sage and stable for 1 year off the vine honey pot nectar

5ml Fridge safe and stable for 6 months Sonic Bitters


Laphroaig peat smoke phenols extracted by yeast cell wall extraction method. Then redistilled for further extraction of flavour. (Spent yeast and distillation waste combined then homogenized into jojoba oil for "peat cologne" garnish) Honey Pot nectar extraction by vegetable glycerin submerged transpiration. Ultrasonically homogenized honey bush rooibos tea in alkaline solution. All pre batched and pre diluted to serve.


Sustainability is not a destination, it should be the underlying ethos of how we run our lives from now on.

I decided to change up how we use flavours and why we use the ingredients that we do. It's amazing how people are using the waste of their products in different ways. But why use an ingredient that produces waste? Why not create a mentality where we start and think of a full use for the products before its even used. This is the underlying ethos for my cocktail. Use ingredients that are not single use and seriously think why and how we use the flavours that we do.

Foraging Walk and Lunch Package

Long Chim

It is a specially curated food and cocktail lunch package which includes a native botanical foraging walk through the Kings Park botanical gardens with the master gardener. The food will be made by Kim Brennan (Executive Head Chef at The Como Hotel).

The drinks will be curated by me and both the food and drink will be made to pair with each other.

All the food and beverage will be tailored around the native botanicals the guests will be shown at Kings Park.

One of the drinks provided will be my Blend cocktail highlighting the native honey pot banksia ingredient in the drink.