Lachlan Hanna


Spring Fling




Bee pollen coral tuile, honey essence mist and West Australian wildflowers


45ml ROKU Gin

15ml Pavan

45ml Grape fruit juice

2 drops Bittermens elemakule Tiki Bitters

Pipped over top of drink Arromatic Springtime foam

1 dash of Saline solution




When I was younger, I used to live in Hong Kong, and my Grandparents used to have a farm and winery down in Denmark. Every year we would go visit them around springtime, and I remember distinctly being absolutely amazed every time we would go, by the seas of wildflowers with their vibrant colours, beautiful aromatics, as well as my whole family apart from me suffering hay-fever. For me, it was an absolute escape from a loud, busy, noisy and over-polluted city. This escape from the city into nature was a special moment- a moment in my life that I held very dear to me and now that I live in this beautiful country I feel privileged to be able to enjoy this moment every year.

This drink is a celebration to the beauty of spring through the flavour, aromatics and visual representation in the glass itself.

To capture this moment in time I am using ROKU Gin and the 6 beautiful native botanicals (all used to represent a particular season) it contains, mainly the Sakura blossom and leaf used in the gin itself to represent springtime in Japan. I have bolstered these flavours and reinforced the sensation of spring with Pavan, by using it beautiful muscat grape, orange blossom, and floral notes. I have also used grapefruit as the citrus element due to its a spring citrus. The springtime foam carries beautiful aromatics that remind you of being in a field of flowers. The drink is all tied together with varying garnishes that represent the busy bees of spring.

Save the Bees


The Spring Fling is a heavily floral drink which captures the true essence of spring and the beauty of the season. This amazing season would not be able to happen without one busy little worker, the bees!

During World Bartender Day, Bobeche will be promoting my cocktail as well as collecting donation for a local charity to help save the bees and hopefully collect enough donations to buy a new hive!

To achieve this we will be putting out several posts through various social media outlets to help activate the drink, brand (ROKU Gin, Pavan, and The Blend), and as well as the charity. We will also have a small bar top poster board running during the duration advertising the drink.