Lachlan Robinson

The Claremont

The Arduous Collins




Mulberry paint


45ml Ardmore Legacy

20ml Champagne sherbet syrup

120ml Smoked hay soda

1 thick brush stroke Mulberry Paint

10ml fresh Lemon Juice


Brush paint in one long stroke on the inside of the glass and around rim of glass. Fill glass with ingredients, add ice and stir briefly, top with soda and serve.

Champagne sherbet syrup 20ml Method and Recipe: Save all flat and un servable champagne for 2 weeks. Make a sherbet starter syrup by adding 20g of tartaric acid granules, 10g of citric acid granules and 3g of malic acid granules. Bring 700ml of 2:1 sugar syrup to a low simmer and add acids, stir till dissolved and take of heat. Once cooled add 1 litre of flat wasted champagne and stir till combined. Bottle and refrigerate for use. Smoked hay soda, 120ml Method and Recipe: Bring 3 litres of water, whilst doing this toast 120 grams of hay in an oven for 5 minutes at 160 degrees. Place in steamer tray and place over boiling water for 5 minutes with a lid on. Take pot away from heat and cool left over water. Once cooled place in a soda gun an d charge, refrigerate for use. Mulberry Paint, 1 thick brush stroke. Method and Recipe: 200ml of mulberry juice add 2.5 grams of pectin powder and gently bring to low simmer. Whisk till combined and thickened. Place in a jar and refrigerate.


The world is facing a crisis where the more we use the quicker we endanger our planet. It is important to remember that sustainability is seen through the people that have championed it who have the ability, training and tools to do incredible things with waste materials. I wanted to bring it back to the bar, to the point where everyone can start and then inspire by the use of some interesting techniques and ideas.

Beam Suntory as a brand has been championing the idea of sustainability in bars for years now and through this my drink was inspired. The ingredients are inspired by the flavours of Ardmore, playing into the peaty quality and bringing the richer notes forward with dark fruits whilst keeping the drink lively in the use of champagne sherbet. On Facebook there are groups for giving away and swapping things within the local community for example this is where I got my lemons from and where my bar gets much of its seasonal citrus produce. I am in an area that drinks a lot of champagne but it goes flat or the bartender doesn’t want to pour the dregs of the bottle, so we keep it and use it.

The hay is a multi-use product; it feeds our livestock and keeps things moving. It was something my grandma used to start fires and I always noticed the fresh flavor it gave fruits when used to smoke them. I believe in the idea of making a drink that wows people and has them coming back for more. This way sustainability in cocktails is sustained, as this is how people remember the drink. The paint is something that is easy and uses fresh ingredients and can be swapped out for many seasonal products. It is something people love but in a way they have not seen often. I used inspiration from Ardmore, focusing on particular subjects such as the Royal society for the protection of birds. Whilst keeping watch over species and tracking them can be arduous, it is thanks to Ardmore that they have funding to continue to do so. This is how I came to name the drink The Arduous Collins.

World Bartender Day at The Claremont

The Claremont

From the 10th to the 24th of February there will be in take home menus, involving the story of the Arduous Collins, an easy to make at home edible paint recipe and the recipe for the Arduous Collins. The in venue oval window will have a mural representing World Bartender Day, Ardmore and my cocktail the Arduous Collins. We will also have little pots of edible paint to use at home for interesting twists on cocktails and mocktails to give away to customers.