Max Giudice


Easy Times




Lemon poppyseed meringue crisp


45ml TOKI

60ml Triple lemon ‘champagne’

15ml Toasted poppyseed caramel (acidified)

5ml Whey

1 dash Saline




This is a toast to the good old days; being younger, where times were easier, and life was full of blissful and naive joy.

I have chosen Toki as a hero, as it directly relates and translates to “time". Like Toki, this drink is driven by memories from the past and inspired by future innovations and reinventions.

Toasting to the “easy times” of the past, this drink is heavily inspired from a lemon and poppyseed cake that my mum used to make when we were kids. This cake was so delicious so highly associated with my childhood that the beautiful flavour profile, textures, and taste is embedded strongly in my memories.

With its smooth palate and subtle sweet vanilla honey notes, Toki works perfectly to complement the flavours of the cake I remember.

The drink is a nod to Japanese drinking culture (it’s past and looking into the future) where the highball is hero and rightfully celebrated.

With Toki as a base, the toasted poppyseed caramel brings richness and supporting sugars, whilst the fermented “triple lemon champagne” (from lemon peel, lemon verbena, and lemon myrtle) brings freshness, complexity, and texture

TOKI Highball's Across the Globe


This year for my promotional phase of The Perfect Blend I shall be travelling Japan for the majority of WBD, so will be promoting from overseas as well as from home base.

On my trip to Japan, I will be travelling through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Niseko. I shall be taking advantage of Japan, as one of the leading countries for cocktail bartending and home to some of the most elite, experienced, and most highly regarded bartenders in the world. I shall be travelling through various world-class bars (Bar High Five, Bar Trench, Bar Benfiddich, Star Bar Ginza, to name a few) and interacting with the bar teams there. I will also be visiting the Yamasaki Distillery and sharing my experiences there.

To align with my cocktail, which is a Toki highball in its foundations, I shall be asking the bartenders at the various bars to create their take on Toki highball. As well as this, I plan to ask the bar teams about bar culture, Japanese highball culture, what its like to be a bartender in Japan through my various social platforms. I shall be sharing these experiences in Japan, and linking them to my cocktail back home.

When I get back from towards the end of the WBD period, I plan on holding a small event with a tasting of some Japan-exclusive Suntory products and tastings of my signature cocktail, Easy Times, at Tiny's Bar.