Max Giudice


Juice Day Love


Fancy Highball


Up-cycled, edible pineapple glass


45ml Canadian Club 12 Year Old

60ml Spiced Pineapple wine

20ml pineapple pulp oleo Saccharum, acidified

2 dashes of saline solution


Shaken, double strained over ice


Juice Day Love was inspired by numerous elements, but mainly by witnessing a huge waste of ingredients that supposedly had no use or had turned bad. Every time I was juicing in the bar I was throwing away old juice, and so many components from different fruits full of flavour and potential. This cocktail focuses on the pineapple - one of my personal favourites - and how every element of it can be used, reused, and up-cycled to create amazing flavours. It incorporates what would be considered waste products - old juice that's starting to turn, the skin, core, and pulp from juicing. With these "wastage" products, I created a spiced and fermented "pineapple wine" to use in the drink. I also upcycled forgotten pineapple pulp from juicing, making an oleo saccharum and acidifying it with old, repurposed, lime juice. The final drink makes use of previously wasted components, and the result is delicious, complex, and refreshing. I hope to inspire others to create amazing new drinks by transforming previously wasted elements.

Juice Day Love ~ Perth Pop Up


As part of my promotion for WBD, I will be popping up at some of the top bars around Perth to make my drink behind the bar, promote it, and to chat with everyone about World Bartender Day/ The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition, bartending, and sustainability in the industry.

Over February, I will be doing a guest shift at The Mechanics Institute, Strange Company, and Panama Social.

Along with this, my drink will of course be on the menu at Tiny’s Bar, and I will be making custom coasters for my drink.