Murray Walsh

Mechanics Institute

Hanami By the river


Ornate Rocks Glass


Sweetened bread roll


50ml Hakushu Distillers Reserve

7.5ml Miso & Sakura Syrup

10ml PICKLED Ginger & Plum Shrub

2 dashes Fig and cinnamon bitters


Add all Ingredients into a mixing glass, Fill Mixing Glass with Ice, Stir down, Strain over block ice into Rocks Glass


Hanami is the Japanese custom of enjoying the fleeting beauty of flowers, traditionally the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Family and Friends will take large blankets down to the river to enjoy a large picnic style meal under the falling petals, filling parks and river banks during the blooming season. I was lucky enough to experience this custom whilst in Hiroshima Early in 2018, to see the beautiful and heart-warming tradition carried out in a city where such devastation had occurred only a few generations before was a truly eye-opening moment. A moment that laid bear the perseverance of life and the human desire for peace and love. It is a moment I hope to carry with me forever, a humble reminder that from the darkest of times light can spring forth and that the beauty of nature is second to none.

World Bartender Day at Mechanics Institute

Mechanics Institute

In celebration of World Bartender Day and the hospo friends that surround them, Mark and Murray will be throwing a rager of a party at Mechanics’ Institute on the 11th of February. They’ll both be on deck to make you their Perfect Blend cocktails as well as other killer drinks showing off the best that Beam-Suntory and Mechanics’ has to offer. It’s gonna be a big one, so let’s bring the ruckus! Mechanics’ will also be dishing out burgers with Rye and Apple Juices for $16 everyday between 12pm and 3pm. (Valid from the 10th to the 24th of Feb).